Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 is here!

A new year has begun and life, as it will, became so busy that I have not posted.

I am so excited today! I joined a Etsy group: Aspiring Metalsmiths.

Their work is simply amazing!

As I continue down my road of learning, I will try to get back here to post more often. Will share my knowledge with you all!

I can't wait to be back in school again.

Hammered copper necklace. I do love the warmth of copper!

A simple Raku bracelet in Sterling. (Fresh rain in photo.)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hammered Copper Earrings

I had fun creating these hammered copper earrings!

I cut them from heavy copper sheeting. They are hand filed, tumbled and polished.

I have been busy with Letters from Santa to your Child and still have quite a few more to do.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letter from Santa Claus

Letter from SANTA CLAUS to your child Christmas is the most magical time for children and receiving a personalized signed Santa Letter is an exciting part of that magic! Add a bit of magic to your child's Christmas this year and order him/her their very own personalized letter from Santa! I am a published writer and this is my sixth year doing Santa letters. (First time offering them on Etsy.) Letters are printed on beautiful Christmas stationery; hand glittered, sparkled & include a 3-D holiday pop-up, very personalized & signed by Santa himself! I also decorate the envelopes. Enclosed with each letter is: Holiday Coloring Page or Holiday Joke Page – Depends on child’s age Magical Reindeer Food (makes the reindeer fly) Magical Snow Packet (snow never melts-you can reuse it). The envelopes will have a Stamped 2009 North Pole Postmark which was created in Microsoft Publisher. (Great scrapbook savers!) After the auction you will receive an email from me with this simple questionnaire: Questions to create a special Santa Letter for your loved one! I do letters for all ages! Newborn to 100 years Old!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New online Marketplace

Just For Keeps Online Marketplace just opened!

Explore the amazing talent of a wide variety of artists. Shop for home decor, jewelry, embroidered linens, dolls, primitives, antiques, ornies and so much more!

I am a member! Check it out and add your shop or website. See you over there!

Friday, October 30, 2009

New in my shops

October has been busy. I had several custom orders for Sea Horse Earrings. I have a few new pieces to post. There is more in my Etsy Shop.

Heishi Multi color Unisex Surfers Necklace

My Heishi is genuine and comes from New Mexico.

Double strung uniform Heishi necklace accented by glass metallic seed beads and silver beads; a great necklace to pair with jeans, wear at the beach or basically any color outfit due to the unique colors in the Heishi.

The heishi stones I used are made from seashells, oysters, mother-of-pearl, coral and melon shell. Stones: lapis, turquoise, jet, pipestone and serpentine, sodalite and turquoise.

What is Heishi?
The literal meaning of heishi is "shell" and specifically refers to pieces of shell which have been drilled and ground into beads and then strung into necklaces. More and more frequently, however, heishi (pronounced hee-shee) has come to refer to hand-made tiny beads made of any natural material.

The origin of heishi is linked to the ancient history of the people most proficient in its making, the Santo Domingo and San Felipe Pueblo Indians. It is safe to say that this is the oldest form of jewelry in New Mexico (and perhaps in North America), pre-dating the introduction of metals. Centuries ago, the shells used by the Pueblo Indians to make beads were obtained in trade from the Gulf of California.

A string of good heishi will have a uniform consistency. If you gently pull it through your hand, it should feel like a single serpent-like piece. (Note: Precisely because of the handwork involved, a fine string of heishi may contain a slightly flawed or chipped individual bead.)

The orbs I cut from copper sheet. I formed two slight curves in each orb which gave them dimension and a delightful sway with a turn of the head. Once Hammered,
filed and tumbled I polished and sealed each orb. I embellished each earring by wire wrapping two Swarovski Crystals with a deep metallic
blue Raku Bead. They look like pretty candy in the center of the orb.

Simply Sterling Silver...

Friday, October 2, 2009

October - Fall is here

Finally a reprieve from the Florida humidity! The nights are dipping into the 60' !

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today is my birthday!

Today I am going to take my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to lunch...at an outdoor cafe. It is my birthday and I am so excited!

I am working on new projects and will post pictures later.

Charley is my "big boy" he is 2 yrs.

MAYA means Illusion...my little girl